Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Dream.

To be or not... I put it this way, if you can not spell do not write!!! Then getting my message out is reasonably challenging as the message itself, perhaps I might be articulately be pardoned and drive my experience through hearts of gold and meekness, nonetheless my future blogs can be homely remedies for every heart that thinks, there is a future for CARE. I do have a dream to get across to a number of beautiful people and relentlessly reach people all over, even with hearts of darkness and thoughts of penetrative insight, people able to prove that a pen is mightier than a gun to strike words that can awaken dead brain cells. My thoughts are that of Carers and Caring, motivated by the eminently wonderful people we share our greatest moments with. Without them I feel life will be meaningless and hopeless looking beyond adulthood, every person in the category of Elderly is precious to me, moreover any blessed living being with Dementia is unique in my heart, though my head will tell me pro caring is not a sin but my thoughts admire every vulnerable Elderly person and the ones with Dementia.
Though we (carers), every single person capable, have a lot to learn, share and offer to support people with dementia and the elderly, significantly we hold a lot of courage and bravery to express our nurtured loving care from our youth and adulthood experiences, plus the knowledge we acquire on the way to become better carers, to be... to be... yes to be able to enrich the moments we spend with vulnerable adults in order to promote a quality of life. QUALITY of life, purely uncompromising activities of daily living. Everyone deserves a quality of life, assured and save living. It will only need your support, turning away will not help!!! keep reading because a life touching carer, the love that a relative needs or the hero to strangers prevails not only in our hearts........