Sunday, 17 February 2013


You are what your deep driving desire is, you are the person who understands the retarded;

Share our experience and hear our feelings?

It was a nice October morning
One September in July
The moon lay thick upon the ground
The mud shone in the sky
The flowers were singing sweetly
As they blossom in heaven be night
I would love to touch it's petals
Deep within it's soulless seeds
The birds were in full bloom
I went down in the cellar
To collect my album in a picture
From a room upstairs

The time was Tuesday morning
On a Wednesday just at night
I saw a thousand miles away
A house just out of sight
It's wall projected backward
The front was in the back
It stood alone between two more
And it was whitewashed black
I wandered why the sun always
Followed the sun flower sideways
May be it's a certainty that the sun sets
In the east and rises from the west
I'll shine and gloom when I realise
At my very best in this mess

The spirit indeed is wailing, but the flesh is weeks and faded, but the easiest thing to find on God's green deserted is someone to tell you all the things you cannot do.

May blessings shower upon anyone who puts a bit of his or herself into the shoes of those with brain impairments. It's fun being sick and the funny part is we provide the amusement, why not try make the weak laugh. Which one are you, the haves, the have nots and the have not given for what they haves.