Saturday, 30 March 2013


Our eros turn to be noticeably strong when we tend gullibly misled by the outward beauty of inconclusively judged better life. Other's caustic decisions shouldn't impact our health. Remember, we can climb to the highest summits, but we will not dwell there long, as there is time to be strong and time to get stronger physically and psychologically.

We drench our souls pathetically in mercy and grace whilst on empathic suicidal missions, we need not to be forewarned, but preloaded before we unfold upon hunger and thirst, for gluttony and sloth are our neighbours and the wrath we avoid is far better than the lust we consume, as there is no evil in choosing pride over greed nor envy as in subjective entities.

The starting point of all achievement is desire. Weak desire brings weak results.

Our mind set and patience delivers our determination not only to beat diseases but to maintain desirable and efficacious fitness habits. It's not unusual but more or less a kismet to achieve our admirability. Nevertheless, our believes to keep fit can have a shattering or plaudit impact through meticulous medical experiences, such as a baby born two and a half years ago in Mississippi with HIV is the first case of a so called "functional cure" of the infection or a ridiculous advertisement on a fitness trainer's shirt "only the fittest survive" (arrogance nor sardonic, neither but stupidity). Just as well, some precocious quisling pops on television to suggest that fat people must pay twice an aeroplane fare merely for space and mass.

The greatest things are accomplished by individual people, not by committees or companies.

It's a motivated brain that replenishes the physical being, positivity and can do it'tivity strengthens the soul, the mind and body, willingness? Yes, don't give or sell your soul away because the body believes that all that you have is your soul, why be tempted by the shiny apple or choose a bitter fruit to confuse the mind.

We're once and always pretty and young with dreams and high hopes why then give your hearts away and punish the body on scum or misery.

Here is so much life left to live with the mind's fire burning still , your look remains an admiration. So choose to maintain, lose or gain and control your health within your capacity, stand for every dream, forsake other's solid beliefs to give up on the ghost of fear within.