Sunday, 26 January 2014


 We love all beauteous things, We seek and adore them; God hath no better praise, And man in his hasty days Is honored for them.

Amazing how man's thought changes and evolves, the thought of the old marrying the young might appalling in many a society, a ninety year aged man falling in love with a teenager in reality the science of true love could be thought after digesting and scrutinising such relationships, yet people deem it unacceptable. Except money, naivety, poverty or desperation becomes a motive, love would be bought whilst fully aware that destruction of the poor is vanity. Also religion and faith could force such a huge age gap relation into a reality but let's sail without beliefs, for every decision in a faith or religion let's put a full stop on it.

But one of the attributes of love, like art, is to bring harmony and order out of chaos, to introduce meaning and affect where before there was none, to give rhythmic variations, highs and lows to a landscape that was previously flat.

Here we are then, let's raise the bars with Imps, the Hobbit's style of living, the Ogres, why would these perfect creations of God, including dwarfs and elfins, wait till they come across or better, hunt till they find exactly a mirror image in height and looks  to satisfy their quest.

Although men flatter themselves with their great actions, they are not so often the result of a great design as of chance.

This might render relationships a fulfilment of expectations rather than love. For instance, if not intriguing alone, it's quite perplexing how people choose partners in terms of size. We thought the opposites attract, why then the big fat man would not easily find himself a toned and lean lady, unless be himself a sugar daddy ready to drip sugar down the famished honey coated throat of a gold digger. So it is then, the mismatch, the chubby chasing the big fat love. Practically the two huge bellies oppose each other, making the common missionary an impossibility. On the other people believe a dream come true when two  lean structures collide, why would needle opt to resign on an office pin whilst a cushion bares it all open, that's where a perfect opposite could have attracted each other. Moreover poverty would have possibly been eliminated, if opposites as in poverty and riches could have attracted each other or true love could have prevailed.

The envied are like bureaucrats; the more impersonal they are, the greater the illusion (for themselves and for others) of their power.

An eel will not marry a snake merely for their attractive and persuasive attractions, so there is no reason why the tall should avoid the short. As there is no evidence that a short pirate would struggle with his adventures in a stretched bushy treasure island. Love is the master key which opens the gates of happiness. As well the myth that a gladiator could exterminate the interns of a midget would be unsubstantiated.

Love is the emblem of eternity; it confounds all notion of time; effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end.

People could only imagine the true length of a frog till it's really dead. Because of expectations people's destiny are easily determined even before they are born, this simply happens when the rich opt to partner the wealthy, what makes one person's ice cream sweater than the other, is it the thickness, the presentation or the inner tension and yet what makes a rigid gun tastier than another, not because of cash. Why then is the poor left to console the poor, meanwhile the so called super stars recycle themselves in intimacy.

Helpless, unknown, and unremembered, most human beings, however sensitive, idealistic, intelligent, go through life as passengers rather than chauffeurs. Although we may pretend that it is the chauffeur who is the social inferior, most of us, like Toad of Toad Hall, would not mind a turn at the wheel ourselves.