Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Let's alter some weight or body fat by proving to the media that it's never always no pain no gain. The media will always find a way or two to ambush people when most vulnerable. They might even make the strong hearted meek and feeble, susceptible or impotent. Not that all that we read might be fairy tales but when it comes to losing or gaining weight, most of the endless stories we consume might be mere blockbusting epics, resurrected made believes that technology had embedded unnecessary weight upon and we know why and who should be responsible for tempering with people's innocence.

A man's character is the reality of himself; his reputation, the opinion others have formed about him; character resides in him, reputation in other people; that is the substance, this is the shadow.

When it comes to unwanted weight, we might have been sold or presented with stories and guide lines, books and video clips, fair enough we can't shame the devil and end up losing the battle. So we keep our necessities, more or less liabilities and reluctantly ask ourselves, is this working for us or is my reflection in the mirror a prank? But is there any way to please les miserable in the mirror? Yes the bend over and take. Merely practical, free and easy to reach and just right at home. Remember there are professionally trained chefs or cooks in various restaurants and fast food joints, yet we prefer a homely made meal all because of health and safety reasons attaché.

Behold, woe betides you to neglect homely made and feast upon an expensive hooked up, sheltered pie which could be rotten to the core and contagious due to over servicing, please, home sweet home, that's where your ice cream delivers satisfaction.  

A myth? People should be well aware of the physical phenomenon about the shape of the human body. There is the professional shape, the feel good look, the attractive shape and the unappreciative look, thus in the self or proclaimed by others like specialist, peers and interrogative strangers. Spontaneously people want to feel good, health wise, and please others with their appearances, be it a mere possibility or make believe? The quest is what should be fair?

In fairness the extreme end of leanness or efficiency should be considering routine programmes for working out, either to lose, gain or maintain what specialists deem healthy wise. Let's not forget to give unconditional obedience to our bodies, be you who and know what, remember the body is only a servant to one master. This master is the body itself and the only way we as it's subjects can please the master is to adopt the person centred approach, an approach which should signify that one fits all, is not only a mystery but a mythical impossibility for weight loss. There is no harm in trying a routine or a programme designed for all but avoid the naivety of who it fits or who would benefit from a general regime in weight management exercises. Simply don't just follow the mob. 

If you can't afford a personal routine or you not ready for that, then look within and around and you might prove these facts reliable, anyway as it puns out sex for saga to some is simply an itch that needs to be scratched occasionally, with zero emotional commitment but a weight losing performance. Simply the best place to start a routine is at home not in the gym.

Just more than a myth, we would not copy the bulky lots as in no pain no gain or no sweat no gain, we simply admit that no input no gain, so before drawing up a fitness plan consider this food for thought. Though we are slaves to our bodies, it only moves and reacts to our actions and directions.

Homely, then let's get horny with it and it might help, if we get turned on. The specialists show that an hour spent making love significantly equates to a thirty minute jog as in burning calories some people take a year to jog as much, yea right. Yea right simply means incentively adventurous, messing with ravenous positions. Not only you creatively show off to each other as partners, when you penetrate the archives for new positions, but you significantly attack that weight with each tried manoeuvre. If you wouldn't jog, now you can put your mojo to test by simple doing the extra rated. 

We know sex does make people happy, but to us it is just like having surgery to remove some fats from our mast.

Massage, not amongst the beauticians, but at home in your own backyard, by you to that of the ticklish and controlled seductive partners caricature, just for forty minutes, cramps and eliminates 200 calories right out of your body. What then is no pain no gain, preposterous, because a massage merely becomes a foreplay, per potentially potent partners, which ends with satisfaction and also helps to lose that weight. We rather label such inventive moments; gain, gain and gain.

Have you ever heard of the innocuous notion, that some people have ants in their knickers? Hold on, because we about to burrow and keep them ants for our own motives, for nervy people come with reasons, why some being as thin as whippets,  studies show that fidgeters may burn 350 or more calories a day, there are surely some weight loss incentives when you tap those feet, when you swing your legs and when you jiggle them knees. Add a rhythm to it and hurt that unwanted weight a little bit more

Don't we know what happens to dull people? They actually load on extra unwanted weight. So what causes dullness, all work and no play makes even jack a dull boy. Now we know what causes dullness but surely we might feel too old to play, somehow we can combine fun with work at home and call it chores to help us lose weight. Chores right? When we clean windows at home to a singalong tune, moving, climbing and stepping around our windows causes a reduction of 132 calories in our upper body per half an hour. Lower body scrubbing 135 per half an hour. Sweep out and hose down the drive in a happy mode and try to exterminate 200 calories, yes swept out freely.

Who believes anymore that old habits die hard, where are those games, snakes and ladders, the connect fours, Ludo. Don't worry get your modern day mobile phones out, because it is believed from studies that an hour of texting, not only keeps our thumbs fit but burns 132 calories out of our unwanted body mass. As well playing cards with friends or relations for 70 minutes removes 200 calories out of our systems.

Fact, singing improves memory, breathing and general well being, go on and give it a Karaoke do by Standing to lose 136 calories an hour, for real.

Unpack the hoes and the mowers, the pruners and the diggers, why not, for weeding as in gardening within 30 minutes buries 140 calories. Planting for 15 minutes also will burn 77 calories of your unwanted fats.

We would not live by drinking and smoking alone, we pray for virility to guide us through never ending encounters to love the body into shape.