Sunday, 16 December 2012


Thus we see that the all important thing is not killing or giving life, drinking or not drinking, living in the town or the country, being unlucky or lucky, winning or losing. It is how we win, how we lose, how we live or die, finally, how we choose.

Researchers have identified a handful of foods which they claim, just a handful but mercilessly almost covers every sanctified meal the average man survives on, craftily most of these researchers by choice falls under or over any proposed, appropriate BMI.

These are foods that they say are extremely calorie dense, but are almost totally lacking in nutritional benefit, for heaven sake each of them researchers, if not all, by means of brainwashing, would have been fed and reared on totally most of the foods listed. Published in the current issue of the New Zealand Medical Journal, researchers improvise in good faith to try and banish health damaging foods from highly attractive stalls, because when they reach out they envisage only the gullibility drawn on people's faces or they merely mislead people's choice to fulfil their conniving instincts. Yet we can take advantage of their knowledge to gain active encouragement to help overweight and obese people easily identify which foods they should avoid. If we dare to believe these food not represents high calorie foods, but also foods that are almost totally lacking in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Alcoholic drinks
An alcoholic beverage is a drink containing ethanol, commonly known as alcohol. Beers, wines, and spirits. Alcohol is a psychoactive drug that has a depressant effect. A high blood alcohol content is usually considered to be legal drunkenness because it reduces attention and slows reaction speed. Alcohol can be addictive. Apart from affecting the brain, alcohol can also speed up the glucose metabolism. In the nut shell what has alcohol got in it's strength, that is cruelly evil but opts fat and not thin, hence if alcohol kills, it respects none. Yet we easily forget that even too much of water to some is equally bad.

A biscuit is a baked, commonly flour based food product. Biscuit could be a small and generally sweet baked product that would be called either a "cookie" or a "cracker", it may be savoury (savoury biscuits are often referred to as "crackers") or sweet, such as chocolate biscuits, ginger nuts, custard creams, or the Nice biscuit. Do me a favour, should we stay away from biscuits, somehow do the impossible or choose what biscuit to eat, how much to eat, what to eat with. Get me some recorded fact and show me when some fatisized on biscuits.

Butter, lard, dripping or similar fat (used as a spread or in baking/cooking etc.)
Yes fat, pure fat or simply what? Same holy researchers might come up with the fact that, butter is essentially just the milk fat, it contains only traces of lactose, so moderate consumption of butter is not a problem for the lactose intolerant. People with milk allergies may still need to avoid butter, which contains enough of the allergy causing proteins to cause reactions. It is a good source of Vitamin A. Butter may play a useful role in dieting by providing satiety. A small amount added to low fat foods such as vegetables may ward off feelings of hunger. Just wisely spread it on, not everybody's cup of tea is dry toast.

Would most of our researchers prefer birthdays without cakes, no they rather gnaw it chocolately frozen. Modern cake, especially layer cakes, is made of a combination of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter or oil, with some varieties also requiring liquid (typically milk or water) and leavening agents (such as yeast or baking powder). Flavorful ingredients like fruit purées, nuts, dried or candied fruit, or extracts are often added, and numerous substitutions for the primary ingredients are possible. Cakes are often filled with fruit preserves or dessert sauces (like pastry cream), iced with buttercream or other icings, and decorated with marzipan, piped borders or candied fruit. As many as cakes abounds in various fat boosting like agents, the wise consumer will always get a fair share nutritious substances into the body.

Candy, including lollipops
A child's favourite, yet is there a person denied of the opportunity of being a child? Probably the cost of living might have evilly robbed thee of the bitter sweet concerns of childhood, hence take the moment to relive the candy hood and for the preachers lips, they are but hell gates for various lollipops.

If chocolate is bad then call me evil, for most people a beauty to the soul. Like kind of consumed to sanctify our spirits. Could you believe that chocolate has been part of us and enjoyed by us for at least three millennia, watch it ye forsaken critics. Even though chocolate is regularly eaten for pleasure, there are potentially many health effects, both negative and positive. Cocoa or dark chocolate may positively affect the circulatory system. Other possible effects under basic research include anticancer, brain stimulator, cough preventor and anti diarrhoea activities. An aphrodisiac effect as yet unproven. For real there is not yet a man who chocolate breakfast, lunch and super as well, we can just limit the fuss and habitually realise gluttonous debauch is evil in any sort of food.

Coconut cream
One of the beautiful trees in creation, to the rich a lovely fruit and a holy liquid to the poor. Rich nor poor wastes the essence of this and people do not consume to it's extremities.

Condensed milk
Compared to non when you allow it to drip slowly down the channels of the mouth. Simply unbeatable, give it a go if you never tried and you will surely know the limits.

Please drink wisely, follow your appetite, yet remember once upon a time you will be encouraged to drink.

Corn chips
Call it junk, deliver it neatly and unwrap it carefully.

Cream (including crème fraiche)

Chips (including vegetable chips)

Deli meats
There is hardly a man on earth who will take advice unless he is certain that it is positively bad.


Energy drinks
Each person designs his own life, freedom gives him the power to carry out his own designs, and power gives the freedom to interfere with the designs of others. What does energy drinks, cheats think they can give us wings.

Flavoured milk/milkshakes
When a defining moment comes along, you can do one of two things. Define the moment, or let the moment define you.

Fruit canned in syrup

Fruit rollups

Fried food
The take away foods or the so called fast foods, yummy!

Fried potatoes/French fries

Frozen yogurt

Fruit juice (except tomato juice and unsweetened black currant juice)

Once again it sounds absurd enrich a diet plan with glucose, if not for professional use or prescribed consumption. The reason that glucose, and not another monosaccharide such as fructose, is so widely used in organisms is not clearly understood. One reason might be that glucose has a lower tendency, relative to other hexose sugars, to react non-specifically with the amino groups of proteins. Most dietary carbohydrates contain glucose, either as their only building block, as in starch and glycogen, or together with another monosaccharide, as in sucrose and lactose. People sure have enough knowledge that excessive glucose not put to active use will be stored and build bulkily shapeless.

High-fat crackers

A good man doubles the length of his existence, to have lived so as to look back with pleasure on our past life is to live twice.

Hot chocolate, chocolate milk

Ice cream
The secret of reaping the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment from life is to live dangerously!




Muesli/granola bars

Nothing is interesting if you are not interested.

Nuts roasted in fat or oil


The path of least resistance and least trouble is a mental rut already made. It requires troublesome work to undertake the alternation of old beliefs. Self-conceit often regards it as a sign of weakness to admit that a belief to which we have once committed ourselves is wrong. We get so identified with an idea that it is literally a "pet" notion and we rise to its defense and stop our eyes and ears to anything different.

Popcorn with butter or oil

Of all earthly creatures, humans alone have the power to choose.


Reduced cream

Regular powdered drinks


Bright lights cast dark shadows when shone from only one direction.

Soft drinks

Sour cream

Sugar (added to anything including drinks, baking, cooking etc.)

Syrups such as golden syrup, treacle, maple syrup

Toasted muesli, granola, and any other breakfast cereal with more than 15 grams of sugar per 100 grams of cereal

Whole milk
Life is a constant oscillation between the sharp horns of dilemmas.

Yogurt with more than 10 grams of sugar per 100 grams of yogurt

Watching the evil good. The fact is, listening to everyone single preacher takes our liberties away. Do not be forced to eat what you think harms people and likewise be fooled by list makers to take away what you eat best. How many doctors will agree to smoking as essential to health, then why forth almost half a percentage of the life keepers enjoy suicidal activities.

The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others.

Fair is foul, and foul is fair,
Hover through the fog and filthy air.
When the hurly-burly’s done,
When the battle’s lost and won.
We will still be human.
To face this election going on all the time...the Lord votes for you and Satan votes against you, and you must cast the deciding vote.