Saturday, 30 June 2012


Just think about being thought how to eat your ice cream or a bowl of soup. Were you asked your choice of weapon or tool, what about your choice to go bare as with the fingers or be protected against the heat/freeze with a spoon. Will you be thought how to lick the cream or slurp the soup to your satisfaction?

Be enigmatic or dogmatic the secrets of sex is evolutional through transient skills or call it God sent, amen.

Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. The other eight are unimportant.

People who want to enjoy a good sex life should know their partner can be the best source of sex secrets. From erection to orgasm, communication brings natural keys.

The act of sex, gratifying as it may be, is God's joke on humanity. It is man's last desperate stand at superintendency.

Tell me who thought the Dogs the secrets of sex, none? Moreover, did we not copy a position creatively evolutionalised out of a Doggy sense?
Bless them, that adept intuitively.

Good sex with your partner can get even better. There are many ways people can both enjoy sex more and better please their partners. Just keep in mind that while there are some solid guidelines for improving your sex life, the best kept sex secrets are the ones waiting to be unearthed in your relationship.

The Englishman can get along with sex quite perfectly so long as he can pretend that it isn't sex but something else.

Each person is different and each relationship is different.

Start Talking About Sex

Women's Liberation calls it enslavement but the real truth about the sexual revolution is that it has made of sex an almost chaotically limitless and therefore unmanageable realm in the life of women.

Some of the best sex secrets are those men and women secretly keep away from each other. To have good sex, you need to talk about your likes and dislikes.

There are very few jobs that actually require a penis or vagina. All other jobs should be open to everybody.

Don't ask about what your partner doesn't like or what doesn't feel good. That puts a negative spin on it. Instead, ask your partner what feels best.

Use study aids. "Try to get a book or two or three or four that you think your partner might enjoy. Look through it with your partner and see what your partner is interested in. Sometimes it's easier that way because someone might not be comfortable telling you what they want to do, but they may see a photo and say, 'Hey, that looks interesting.'"

Sexism is the foundation on which all tyranny is built. Every social form of hierarchy and abuse is modeled on male-over-female domination.

Switch roles. Let your partner show you what they like rather than tell you. "A really good thing to do is to say, 'Let's switch places here. The question of sexual dominance can exist only in the nightmare of that soul which has armed itself, totally, against the possibility of the changing motion of conquest and surrender, which is love.

Communication is a two-way street. Remember to let your partner know your likes and dislikes as well, including what gives you pleasure for maintaining your libido and having an orgasm.

Other Good Sex Secrets;
There comes a moment in the day when you have written your pages in the morning, attended to your correspondence in the afternoon, and have nothing further to do. Then comes that hour when you are bored; that's the time for sex.

Powerful ideas for promoting good sex in your relationship include:

Share your fantasies. Remember that your brain is the most important sex organ in your body. Keep things fun and playful by talking over your fantasies with your partner. And don't feel like you should rid your mind of fantasies during sex, experts consider these fantasies an important way to kindle the desire that leads to erection and orgasm.

Get creative. Try having sex in different places and at different times. Be playful and try out different positions.

I am, I must confess, suspicious of those who denounce others for having "too much" sex. At what point does a "healthy" amount become "too much"? There are, of course, those who suffer because their desire for sex has become compulsive; in their case the drive (loneliness, guilt) is at fault, not the activity as such. When "morality" is discussed I invariably discover, halfway into the conversation, that what is meant are not the great ethical questions but the rather dreary business of sexual habit, which to my mind is an aesthetic rather than an ethical issue.

Keep porn in its place. "Sometimes guys feel that what a woman wants is for them to be porn stars, that's probably one of the worst models for lovemaking you could ever have. It's trying to live your life like you were a character on Star Trek. It's a nice fantasy to watch. It wouldn't work if you tried to act it out in real life."

Stay physically fit. Exercise has been shown to improve your sex life. For example, aerobic exercise improves blood flow, which is important in achieving an erection. It also can improve your sexual stamina and strength.

Sex is a short cut to everything.
Back in the days when men were hunters and chest beaters and women spent their whole lives worrying about pregnancy or dying in childbirth, they often had to be taken against their will. Men complained that women were cold, unresponsive, frigid. They wanted their women wanton. They wanted their women wild. Now women were finally learning to be wanton and wild -- and what happened? The men wilted.

You may want to have all the answers when it comes to sex. The secrets to good sex are often found on the journey you take with your partner who can help you discover them and enjoy the discovery process with you.

Sex is two plus two making five, rather than four. Sex is the X ingredient that you can't define, and it's that X ingredient between two people that make both a man and a woman good in bed. It's all relative. There are no rules.