Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Faith is that strengthening power within Urging us on our way, Teaching us all that We must know, Helping to obey. Faith is that strengthening power within Lighting the road we trod, Helping us know which way to go, Pointing the way to good.

Maybe you've considered it. Maybe you're in it, the fact is your awareness matters much more, your intent and control over your own actions. Today's women are acting on the urge, more than ever before, a new survey reveals.

Our faith is faith in someone else's faith, and in the greatest matters this is most the case.

One in five married women has had a fling, the highest numbers ever recorded, according to one group of researchers. In fact, the numbers of cheating wives now equals the statistics on cheating husbands.

All things are possible to her who believes.

In these Sex and the City days, that's hardly startling. Society has given women permission to be sexually active, and it's perfectly clear why women do it, it's for the same reasons men do. They're not getting what they want out of their.

The losses as well as the prizes must be drawn from the cheating lottery of life.

The workplace, working out, the Internet, women have more sexual opportunities than ever before. With better salaries and no children, the stakes seem low if they are caught.

The urge to equal opportunity is so universal and its practice so pleasurable that sometimes it is assumed to be evil.

For some cheating wives, the affair is truly all about sex. When they were dating, there was passion, they want that passion back. If they're physically attracted to someone else, they may act on it.

If you play bridge badly you make your partner suffer, but if you play poker badly you make everybody happy.

Not that every woman is unfaithful. Certainly many women have affairs. But many, many don't. When you wait to get married when you're older and more mature, you make a better choice of the appropriate person, and you may be more engaged in the relationship.

As a woman the world is the house of the strong. You shall not know until the end what you have lost or won in this place, in this vast gambling den where you have spent so many more years, dice boxes ahead, shaking those booty.

The fact remains that the overwhelming majority of people who have become wealthy have become so thanks to work they found profoundly absorbing. The long term study of people who eventually become wealthy clearly reveals that their "Luck" arouse from the accidental dedication they had to an area they enjoyed.

Not all affairs are flings, Sometimes people develop an emotional connection, an emotional affair, rather than something sexual. For most women, an inattentive husband is indeed the biggest problem. His "affair" with his work or some other passion like sports may turn her into a cheating wife. She doesn't feel valued, respected, she's not treated nicely, she feels taken for granted. If she finds someone who helps them feel good about themselves, who does those small things, says the right things, it's very seductive, very appealing.

Believe me! The secret of reaping the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment from life is to live dangerously!

A married couple's views of their roles may clash: He wants a "traditional" she cooks dinner marriage. She prefers the gym after a stressful workday, not the kitchen. Both styles of marriage can work. What makes the difference is whether they're in sync or not. When that's not resolved, it's likely someone will be frustrated.

Their emotional relationship can also be problematic. If they're joined at the hip constantly, they may be smothering each other's identity. If they are too "distant" and independent, they will likely seek a bond with someone else.

To really enjoy the better things in life, one must first have experienced the things they are better than.

In fact, all couples have problems. But couples who have warm, supportive feelings for each other and express those feelings will stay married.

One large study looked at this issue. Researchers thought they would find those who wanted divorce had more problems. But that was not true. All the couples had problems. The difference was the number of positive statements they made about each other.
The happy couples said many more positive statements than negative ones to each other. Unhappy couples say more negative statements than positive. There's a very specific ratio three positive things for one negative.

People are going to be most creative and productive when they're doing something they're really interested in. So having fun isn't an outrageous idea at all. It's a very sensible one.