Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Every man has been brought up with the idea that decent women don't pop in and out of bed; he has always been told by his mother that "nice girls don't." He finds, of course, when he gets older that this may be untrue -- but only in a certain section of society.

Kegel exercises, let's do it just to improve in bed, sure not only just but to prove to our partners that we can match them all day and all night.

The passion between the sexes has appeared in every age to be so nearly the same, that it may always be considered, in algebraic language as a given quantity.

I dare not admit Kegel for modern day gym intent, sexual satisfaction. But who cares if our day to day women achieve Helenic Troyal bedroom status, then men nowadays have to relax, be cool or laid back for better feminine incentives.

Perhaps Kegel exercises are for women designed to improve the ability to hold urine = pubococcygeus exercises.

I know it does make people happy, but to some it is just like having a cup of tea.

Kegel exercises were originally developed as a method of controlling incontinence in women following childbirth.

The question of sexual dominance can exist only in the nightmare of that soul which has armed itself, totally, against the possibility of the changing motion of conquest and surrender, which is love.

Kegel exercises are named after Arnold Kegel, the Los Angeles doctor who promoted their development in the 1940s. The principle behind Kegel exercises is to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, or the pubococcygeus muscles. These muscles run from the back to the front of your pubic bone and encircle the openings of the vagina and rectum. Strengthening them helps improve the urethra and rectal sphincter function.
These exercises are recommended for women with urinary stress incontinence.

A woman is like a horse, she needs to know that she is being riden firm and strong and if Kegel exercises turn the roles in her favour, why not. For more than one apple a day, go on lust your bites with Kegel exercises.

Many women are doing Kegel exercises for more fun reasons.
Advocates believe that there are several benefits for a woman who exercises her vagina. They claim that it makes it easier for her to reach orgasm, makes orgasms stronger or better, and makes the vagina more sensitive.

Sex is a short cut to everything. But many do not believe that as a short cut to marriage. For whatever reason exercises are good mentally and physically, moreover sexually.