Thursday, 3 May 2012


In the beginning you winced, I wondered why in absolute awe and embraced myself with the awful fear in your eyes. Possibly just a word to the wise is enough but action speaks louder than words and above all seeing is believing. Do you know how it feels to swim towards a sinking ship in the middle of nowhere? You just let your mouth go by dropping your jaw just as if I was a ghost sent to give you the goose bumps I witness on you.
Do something don't just stand and stare. Am I scary enough, it's just me, only me, so do something please tell me to wake from this nightmare. I see a picture in your eyes and believe me, it's me, but I need help. Come closer and I will not bite you, look, if I can see it in your eyes I know you can see more with your eyes, so don't just stand with a tale in between your legs, do something or pick up the phone, oh my goodness show me some bravery in your eyes.
It's only, just a part of my brain being affected init? You know it, don't just offer your limbs to life snatchers or your tongue to the devil and become his advocate by writing my epitaph.
Clearly it's got to do with my arteries, the hardening of me arteries to tighten enough till it blocks, nevertheless it could be a blood clot rampaging within me. Oh, silly head, I know you know the symptoms, surely you not playing daft but you are in utter shock, pack it up and shake yourself alive because this is really happening.
Tell me or you just can't see how saggy it is under me eye, by the way which eye, left or right, oh my goodness it is happening. My cheek is getting so heavy on the left side of my face, droopy that's how it's weighing me down to earth, so swagging I wish the earth opens wide enough to swallow my sorrows. Hold on for I go not so fast, my limb is gone, much more like chopped off init? No sensation at all, this is the point I pondered over crying. Crying? Yes and with tears flooding a half of me face, may be you will wake up from this nightmare, when you see my tears. Shockingly I can't drop even a molecule of a tear, that's it, call it the apocalypse for I can't even lift my left leg, what's happening, can't you see, please this got to stop because half of my brain is almost dead and I still sit with you wondering what to do, talk to me, ask me a question, ask me to smile and I can't, I just can't.
So please act FAST ; Thus my FACE : my ARMS : my SPEECH : my TIME to live or your TIME to save my life : TIME to call an AMBULANCE. I need an emergency ride for CVA or STROKE is eating half of me and do you just stand and stare merely as a mare?
Then better say nothing of me death, I wake and live to save many a life. Not like you watching me die to write tales of love because that's all they do to dead folks init? Speak no evil of the dead init? Don't just make me suffer because of death for I live not for a painful death.