Friday, 11 May 2012

A matter of life and death

I have seen birth, I have seen death but what I dare not see, grow enough to see a lover's last breathe or witness a lover's face through my last breathe???? Be a life long or short, its completeness depends on what it was lived for. Man will always remain highly judgemental about life as some believe life is a series of little deaths out of which life always returns. our fear is the naiveness about death, simply we live within the certainty that every atomic bit of life reminds us of man's destination of death and yet none bothers to understand death or the reason to die.
Cheers to fame, riches and arrogance which engraves us deep into the ignorance of death. I have seen faith but I have seen fear and there lives not a man who can withstand the aggravations of death. Life is a mere punishment of death as a crime each man commits before extinction. Men do not die but ceases to continue punishing the self through living and the best way to ensure this is through deceasing. Every single man will fear death but through the transition of life non chooses to dedicate time to seek that man fears most, emptiness is that we are even before we admit that we admit life is meaningless.
What bout our riches, the fame, poverty, leadership, yes all the vanities, yet the only thing full of life in the graveyard is the yew. Anguish is man's victory. Torment, torture is what we live for even during the times of ceasing to live. For I know not who created the culture, the believe of burial. The addiction of cremation. Is a sheer insanity to continue punishing lifeless man through eternal imprisonment, hold on, not only that but an inclusive six feet of sending a man closer to the underworld where you and me share the faith that, only the devil and it's army belong. If that crime of chucking a body down below to rot ain't enough then consider standing next to your mortal carcass, being sentenced to a furnace of temporarily hell. Our fears condemns us closer to evil than thinking about hopes after death, the ultimatum. Could we talk about a world without opposites? We certainly can't, just as well as we couldnt talk about a world without paradoxes, precisely because we are all of this. If we were not a paradox, than our world either wouldn't be paradoxical. It hurts to feel that life ends shortly on earth and belief remains our biggest foe. But if we do not belief what birth leads us into then we might neither survive that which compounds our fear of death.