Monday, 14 May 2012

God's perfect tree.

The search of beauty will never be a discovery without the perfect property of God, the most high and nigh. The only tree that bears stars, stars as bright enough to lit the whole of Eden. You are pretty, prettier than diamonds, your seductive nature turned an eternal world into man's burden. By your sight, Adam faulted, he couldn't resist your lustful beauty which sentenced him to mortality. Adam took you, the apple never to be touched and you made him enjoyed your sweet intact, right away from your creator's dominance. He did fall for your beauty, what will I do with my naked eyes upon your beauty, a mere mortal.
Your sweet embrace was enough to make the great David, slayer of Goliath, snatched you from another man. The wise king Solomon had many of your smoothly oil skin to warm his left, right, front and back, I can but only one and even that one still makes me melt away with that royal kisses. Moses in the glories of the exodus still managed to find you among the mountains. These great men needed you away from your creator, fair or foul means they stranded through hell and heaven to possess you and call you theirs.
Out of your soul came love that made or destroyed men. Shakespeare called you cleopatra, portia, so as many mouth watering titles but above all was Juliet, comparable to non but the sun, arise fair sun and fill my yearning heart. Thank God he created you, without doubt there would never have been any sort of possibility for the creator to have kept you to himself. Myth, tells of you as Andromeda none but the head of Medusa could save you through the love that drove Perseus senseless to face the undefeated. The walls of troy fell, Achilles was the hero and Helene was your name with such tantalising beauty that drove mighty nations against each other. I love to seize your your heart, then conquer you emotionally to make you feel I'm yours forever, you are someone who dances with me in the sunlight, and walks with me in the shadows. You were the queen of Sheba, yet you ruled England and led the commonwealth. Though I love you, many alike feared you, for you break a heart as well as conceive a heart. You are only one rib out of a man and your name remains a Woman.
Impenetrable in her dissimulation, cruel in her vengeance, tenacious in her purposes, unscrupulous as to her methods, animated by profound and hidden hatred for the tyranny of man -- it is as though there exists in her an ever-present conspiracy toward domination, a sort of alliance like that subsisting among the priests of every country.