Thursday, 19 April 2012


Why is she so beautiful?
Just because she is!
Why is she so nice?
Tell me because she is!
Why oh why so merciful?
May be is in her eternal kiss!
I thank the extremities I know of her grace, full of greatness that soars skies above. She is a friend indeed, pretty is her face I have never seen but on a screen. She deserves a mindless spree; charming armouries of precious sparkly gems, she is but the one I never met and her voice remains undisclosed. I imagine her sing that of angels, a voice that will crack open impossible codes. I wait but to hear her talk, her chord sings not that of a dirge yet a bliss from the pleasures of Eden to erase my melancholic broken sole.
Her sweet pampered face holds the beauty that rocks even those with vows of celibacy, they woe upon her sight, tearing men apart with the strikes of medusa. Show me a visage more worthier not even that of Eve from Eden, her smile simply heals a broken heart and shows her witty insight. Her bright eyes seem to reflect summer, autumn, winter and spring, in her is a lady of all seasons.
Her body, well kept, well accrued for it's right seen by a gladiators side, her body hides no beauty when she put on her golden robes and without the clothes she only is a beauty in herself. It hurts to live far apart, the beauty of her imaginary priceless beauty roars and whimpers the streets I walk, simply I would like to be the air that fills her for a moment. I need to gather people all over and we will thank her creator for sending us a mystery. Her name remains A. Conesa G. in history.
Oh, send me to capulet's orchard, her beauty will remain the rays I perceive from the sun but haste not away, for I could do what Romeo couldn't, to reach her skies and embrace her warmth for her luring Troyal charm. She is not Hera neither Cleopatra, just her, just exactly her that's who she would be.