Sunday, 15 April 2012


I am glad to express myself through the directions of a poet, the way I perceive racial abuse or discrimination. The CARER'S world had a lot more to do with black and white issues, copies of documents that separated our colourful work must be reviewed. Through realisations human thinking seems to have successfully adopted the fact that caring for a person need not promote racial insanities.
At work I believe in care, trust, and faith, otherwise, I prefer to render through my efforts, better choices, rights and dignity. For the stigmatic skin colour dogma has no place or position in caring for love ones or clients.
It's not easy caring for a different race because there is always the anticipation of racial remarks which anxiously elates delicacies, but I believe I will always be what I feel, what I see and what I hear, CARE, I perceive my job whilst my job feels, sees and hears me, yieldingly me and my job become one when I'm caring for the elderly or interestingly for people with dementia.
Not only do I have blood running through my veins, I like to love. Well I eat, sleep and drink, I can read the Quran and the Bible, I learn and work and reason. I believe being me does not make me not like the same things other folks like who are other races.
Being me, is absolutely me and not a rainbow. But a part of the elderly or people with dementia that I support, the vulnerable and frail. That's CARE. Sometimes they would not want my presence or not a part of their activities of daily living and neither do I always have to be part of their care, but me and my care we are part of each other, that's true and will not bother or remonstrate any evil remarks which stops equal opportunity for better opportunities.