Wednesday, 11 April 2012


It's widely agreed that no pain no gain, in circumstances like working in the care field, there will always be more stress and tension resulting from anxious thought of doing right to provide a better care, just because we care for people with different conditions, conditions that do not remain  permanent or in some instances we deal with unsustainable conditions over a longer period of time, more or less most conditions come challengingly as progressive or deteriorating, the fact that we can shrug off the difficulties makes us winners. No matter how tough our daily challenges are we maintain the winning adaptive mentality, with skills, knowledge and impressive experiences CARERS always pull through offering the quality of life intended for the care receiver. Amazingly caring is always a wear and tear activity, physically and mentally, no matter how CARERS are structured to face their daily challenges they will be bound possibly to break down at a point. Merely out of experience and observations, it's highly remarkable for CARERS to enjoy the habit of no or less exercise through our precious careers. I support regular fit keeping alongside our caring events. My motive is to knock off the hoax, no pain no gain. Possibly, No pain obvious gain will be my replacement. There are so much simple things that will boost our fitness levels without breaking our bones.  A walk through the woods, the park or jogging and running on any imaginary field of gold will be brilliant, best of it is to do this alone, all by one and shutting off the past, present and future. Obviously forgetting all around but a recital in the thoughts, try to clear the mind fully whilst running, jogging, walking or doing all the three interchangeably and just reciting the ABC... or counting the 123.... then if possible try throwing and kicking objects near and far with both left and right limbs, also pull and push static weights like trees, but near the end stretching the limbs and joints is essential. Indoors, which should be least adopted for the sake of fresh air assumption offered by outdoor activities, all the same stretching of the limbs at home is essential, plus sit ups and possibly push ups, dancing is quite good, especially learning a new dance or Tai Chi can be very fruitful. Also make use of game consoles, mobile games and try to avoid the phone, as mentioned do not use your thoughts outside these activities.  Enhance the memory with board games and general quizzes but nothing on caring. Read books and challenge yourself to more speed readings, further, try to memorise and recite lines from books and films and show off in front of a camera. The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time, we always can with fresh minds of decisive thinking and physical fitness to safeguard and comfort our care receivers.