Monday, 2 April 2012

HAULIEST communion

HAULIEST  Communion!!! Likely this is how a dementia friend compared his daily lots of medication with his weekly task of making the effort to sit a catholic meeting and gulping down a communion. In a sudden gesture he raised his head and fiercely looked into my eyes, then he whispered, "else I forget". He just offered me that sort of commanding statement, that made me believe he just frankly wanted nothing but the truth. Then after a while he seemed to have slipped into a different world forgetting what he would have wished not to forget. We had a long chat about the war and some point, literally, we seemed to have been living what he called "the war". He suddenly asked me to put the gun down and sit, he said it will be necessary to plan our victory. Then I supported him to pull a knackered sheet out of his pocket and had it placed right in front of us, we slowly open and straightened the sheet, whilst looking around from shoulder to shoulder, I did not know what he had in mind but I just thought of the enemy or sort of intruders encroaching. Right in the middle of the paper it was written, "Do u think medication helps, I don't, bible truth or front line strategy". Finally I've got to snap out of his world, stay in mine to decide the ammunition needed to deliver my defence. I told him he can only get from me as a carer my understanding, I explained that there has not been any strategy or known drug that cures dementia. He asked me what dementia is and if he had any affiliation with dementia. I managed to enlighten him on the fact that he had nothing to do with dementia, it's only that he had come across some diseases which would have created his cognitive impairment, much more not reversible  at the moment. He suggested if that means his war was never to end, which keeps popping up in his head. I told him with the CARERS support and rightly taken medication, he has got the necessary help to
maintain his daily quality of life and when needed his condition will be assessed and necessary information will be updated.suddenly we were ordered to leap into our bunkers to avoid releasing land mines underneath us.