Monday, 9 April 2012


I do spend most of my time pretty well talking to the elderly, as at work or free little moments. Once I had a moment to sit and hear a story out of my circles it's always been a pleasure to grab beautiful moments as such, it's unlike the same potentially boring "yo....wat's up, bruv u kno' ...", really I don't know and there are people who can tell a genuine once upon a time which would be nothing like the fantasies and fairy tales we were fed on as kids. Who would listen to the elderly or should they be drowned with boredom, indirectly we can't just ignore them. I'm always happy and thrilled to imagine someone watching over me through a window with a phone in hand when I walk the scary roads, but I still feel right to visit the elderly neighbour or friend and offer a glass of water, a cup of tea to grant me the glorious moments of sharing a peaceful thought. What I need is to maintain a level of trust, only utter a word when necessary. A conversation like this needs nothing like interrupting each other, but to respect the territory of the elderly and always give and respect choices and decisions. I once had the chance to relive a moment with a 70 year elderly after she returned from the hospital. I always believe in knowing what exactly to say when given the cue to choose the story to share, fortunately we seemed to have settled on the pros and cons of the hospitals. She mentioned all her disgust felt inside towards the hospitals when people get admitted for further examination, significantly, I had to make my present as sweet as possible, I almost agreed and supported her through her anger towards the hospital, which made her feel much better till a question of confidentiality was raised by my host. Immediately I knew our friendship, trust and respect was in danger. She asked me if I believed in confidentiality, I told her not only do I believe but also promote confidentiality , in a way I knew I might be raising my chances of getting our trust levels degraded. Thank God she continued talking, she asked me, "if I told you that I have been a victim of rape in the past and again I feel like ending my life ever since I lost my husband, but I choose to keep my silence and prefer not to discuss my dilemma". then she just looked at me perplexedly, waiting for me to utter a word. All in all something got to be done in which to keep my friendship and also being concern enough about her life which could be at risk. Perhaps the decisions we make, we need to remember choice, rights and dignity,should benefit the people we care but not to put anyone in a life threaten condition. We are the hopes and future of the elderly group, precious few minutes and moments of
one to one chat or activity will put a smile on the faces of the elderly.