Saturday, 14 April 2012


I support the eradication and extinction of evil, evil is nothing but insanity and war is evil but pure stupidity. There are no sides to war because all I know is equality and believe in choice, dignity, and rights for each and every human.
WMD, Guns and Explosives are all demonic structures. I asked many elderly WW2 pensioners and it seems the same answers are being repeated rhetorically, I always ask "did you kill anyone in the war?". The only similar answer seems to reshuffle out of each old soldier, "no, why should I?". Is it the shame of war that makes murderers in the name of war lie or is it some sort of deepest, feeling of regret that makes these killers shame their ambitions as so many talk about so many a war, but non would come out and share the numbers he sent beneath the yew tree. Obviously, there are no enemies in war, just a daft blood shed of human beings by mind twisted psychos. God bless the dead and strengthen the living to abstain from war and may the devil, if he exists, strike murderers in the name of war with his disgusting wrath. I promote equality without discrimination and forbid the notion survivor of the fittest. For the fact that no one in the right state of mind and health shall be willing to die, therefore it is not right in any shape or reasoning for another to eradicate living beings. To hell with the oppressor and may the mighty have an affectionate heart to understand the meaning of life and support living in perfect peace.