Thursday, 26 April 2012

Secured safety

People with dementia can be particularly vulnerable to abuse and mistreatment for many reasons. Dementia can also make it harder to detect when abuse is taking place and moreover impossible in many situations when cross checking for evidence. One way or the other we all grew up reading or guided or influenced by a Holy book from the variety of respected religion in our havens. Fundamentally non of the teachings around us would condone the act of hitting the aged, we just can't smack or slap the elderly, even some say don't strike a man when he is down. We can't just mishandle people with dementia, thou shalt not pull, push or pinch the disable. The elderly, frail, prone to accidents and instabilities think of the wisdom in their vulnerable realm but otherwise to maltreat or mishandle them is out of any sort of sanity. Incredibly a child is deed rebellious by just standing and adamantly taking on punishment from parents or teachers, we all as kids had to run, make our parents or teachers to feel their unchallenged superiorities and naturally we always surrender to do wrong again. We never meant to retaliate even to people in their prime and had enough strength to punish us as kids, all because we had to respect them.
When they grow old and frail it's then our duty to surrender to them that unconditional security. Then I find it appalling to hear of the vulnerable adult being punched or maltreated in any sense, compare that not to pontius Pilate but the soldier who nailed inches of iron through the palms of Jesus.
If thou had been compelled to commit such atrocities of inhumanity, hold on and let he who without sin to cast the biggest stone at thou but better still regroup your loving nurture and do no evil to the dear vulnerable adult