Sunday, 29 April 2012


You; you told me to accept the things to which binds me, you want me to love the person with whom fate brings me and to do so you prefer with all my heart. Why, then lies you still, love me and the world would still be mine. Tell you the truth, your song has been about the faith and beauty of this world; but on top of all these memories is love and I propose no more aches and suffering. You were made absolutely to be loved, eternally.
I see no bravery in your eyes but a huge sadness as death approaches. I pray my love to thee, a love not only for what you are but for what I am when I'm with you. They say if you love someone, let them go, how? When I am you that suffers with morphine hopelessly dripping into your blood. For a heaven on earth I lived by wooing thee, now thou lay motionless drifting away. Spent most of my days with you and shared my nights in your beautiful firm arms.
Tales on your youth tells it all, lots of charm and might on every stage you trod, you were but mighty, your wasted muscles confirm the chants received from your foes and pals, listen to my song, a story to outlast eternity. Sweetheart be mine, stay in my open arms to fill my entire heart. You reached your peak swiftly, hastily, you commanded the world to virtually bow to your bark and call, which wittingly hit me to be, and since, I vowed to be by your graceful side.
Truly I remained by you, though this sudden end bestowed on our fusion brings fort our separation, splits my heart and worst upon my misery, time and time again I must await your last breath which endlessly loses it's breadth by the mirth of life. I drunk, in my flooding tears, as it sinks my fears. I see me in you, share your pain because I feel the trauma that ends your life. I stand next to you and feels not your pulse, but your shallowed breath as I await your death. For on the other side you will be me, you are the dreamer and me the part of you they won't take away when your dream ends.
So many around you but they see me not, happy, for that makes it easy to travel away from that which is mortal, into a painless haven, a nowhere that I claim my freedom with your apparition, I am but just you casting off worn out bodies and putting on new ones. For it is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is mine. It can not be taking from me, not by angels or by demons, neither by heaven nor hell.